World Cup Downhill Ski Run POV

Former British Olympic skier Graham Bell live-narrates a trip down the Hahnenkamm World Cup course in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Amazing camera work and narration considering the incredible speed and intensity of the run.

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What Quant Firms Actually Do

Quantitative Trading Summary

This article goes into a fair amount of detail about how quantitative trading firms make money. It is usually difficult to find anything more than vague, surface-level information online about the industry. This is mainly because employees of these firms sign nondisclosure agreements to protect their firm's strategies. Also, specifics of the work quickly get into PhD-level mathematics territory. While the author doesn't go too deep into the intricacies of any strategy, there is a surprising amount of detail about the methods these firms employ.

Candid Footage of President Bill Clinton Preparing for a Speech Moments Before Air

“... it's back to 1993 when I had one of those big, ten-foot satellite dishes and all the best descramblers available at the time. Incredibly, I was able to dial up the President's rehearsal for a minutes-away, address to the nation....FROM the freakin' Oval Office!!! You'll see George Stephanopolous and other operatives buzzing around, as well as a make-up girl who was irritating Billy Bob to the point where he gave her a look that would have made most people wet their pants. The sound cuts in and out the camera focus is all over the place, but it's absolutely fascinating to watch.” - Jimmy Smith